About Deke Smith

Photo of Deke SmithDeke Smith began working full-time with Adobe Systems in June 2011. Before that time his career took him through an intriguing arc that has provided him with experience that proves to be very helpful to his clients. Some of the positions he has risen to meet the challenge of include graphic designer, creative director, manager, user interface designer, entrepeneur, project manager, producer and programmer.

Deke uses the tools ActionScript and Adobe Flex. Asked what he did for living he told someone, “The short answer is: programming. The not-so-short answer is, programming the presentation of information and media.” A more complete answer would have to include his whole range of talents, including:

  • Architecting micro frameworks within Flash and Flex that organize the efforts of development teams and reduce development time
  • Getting data from Web services via XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, JSON and Flash Remoting. Organizing and presenting that data to the user
  • Customizing and creating Flash and Flex components
  • Localizing Flex programs
  • Creating eLearning applications and integrating Flash learning frameworks with SCORM
  • Optimizing large scale Flex applications with a large amount of data and media
  • Specifying the user experience through documentation and wireframes
  • Understanding of how to create user experiences that are goal driven and the ability to present user experience solutions to the technical and financial members of a team

A Career History

He began his career as an art director and he worked within an ad agency, a few boutique design firms and a large corporation as a designer, creative director and manager. He became an early proponent of the communications opportunites of multmedia.

In 1994 he co-founded the Creative Syndicate, the first multimedia design firm in Nashville. He helped several corporations and the State of Tennessee to make their first tentative moves to the Internet. The Creative Syndicate later merged with Edge Internet Services to form a full-service Web services company, EdgeNet Media. After leaving EdgeNet Media he continued to explore the potential of CD-ROM and Internet-based media.

In 1999 he began work as a producer for Little Planet Learning, a company specializing in computer based training. During this time, Macromedia began adding more and more programming functionality to its Web-based animation program, Flash. He exploited the new functionality of Flash to create a Flash-based, SCORM-compliant, training framework that worked both on the Web and as standalone applications. The training framework provided the basis for many of Little Planet’s products. This includes training programs for McDonald’s, Microsoft, Union Planters, Intuit and the U. S. Department of Education.

Moving to Mercury Intermedia in 2006, he continue to architect frameworks within Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex 2, Adobe Flex 3 and Google Android. The frameworks he created were used to create desktop applications for Sports Illustrated, NFL teams and NCAA schools.

For three years Deke Smith operated his own consulting company, Terra Beata. In the short time since he worked as a consultant he has worked with Omnigon/Thompson Reuters and Twin Technologies. At Thompson Reuters he worked on a team producing a new, large-scale media portal for the company.

So the depth of his experience has made it hard for him to answer completely, "What do you do for a living?" For clients who need that expertise, he experience and talents are invaluable.